Essential Considerations When Setting Up Your Small Business Computer Network

network bugs? web crawler?Do it Right the First Time!

Many small business owners know it’s a high priority to get a computer network up and running as quickly as possible to assure their businesses operates smoothly right from the start. 

However, it’s also a process that really shouldn’t be rushed. It’s important not to sacrifice the quality of your network. You will save time, money and aggravation if it’s done right the first time.

The Basic Checklist

So where do you start?  A list of initial considerations when it comes to your network implementation is helpful, as you think about what you need and want.

•    How many computers are you looking to connect onto your network?
•    How strong do you need your network connection to be?
•    How much will you actually use this network?

Once you’ve identified the basics for your computer network, you can look at more details.

Safety and Security First!

One of the most critical considerations with your business network is its safety and security.  What if a fire or natural disaster destroyed your business?  Would you be able to get back up and running within a few days?  How are you going to keep your business information safe on your network?  What is your back-up plan in case of failure?

At this point, you may be better off hiring a professional who can set you up with managed support services when it comes to your network, and customize a server disaster recovery plan in case of an emergency.  

Having a safety and security plan in place before you implement your network could save your business in the event of a disaster.

Belkin Wireless G Router F5D7230-4To Go Wired or Wireless?

Do you want each computer on your network to be wired via Ethernet connections or would you rather go completely wireless?

The first thing to consider is how many computers you’re planning to connect to the same network. If you have several rooms where computers need to be connected, installing a wired network may prove to be more difficult than setting up a wireless router and connecting each computer to the network wirelessly.

If you have just a few computers, you may be better off going with a wired network. Ethernet connections are widely known as being more reliable, plus they’re generally less expensive connections and they’re usually faster. With a wireless network, of course, you’ll eliminate the wires and cords.  It really comes down to which option would be most beneficial to your business needs.

Which Devices Should Be Connected to Your Network?

Next, you should consider which devices in your office you would like connected.

For example, with a good computer network, it’s easy to print to one community printer from several computers, or to scan a document into one scanner and send it to several desktops.
Look around your office and decide just how intricate your network needs to be.

Other Basics to Get in Place

Before you take the next step, you’ll need to decide how many computers will be connected on your network.  Each computer needs an up to date operating system to ensure it will run smoothly on your new network.

Additionally, you’ll need some cables if you’re taking the wired route, or a wireless router if you’re choosing to go wireless.

If you’re concerned about which options are best for your business, or you’d like professional help setting up your network, you can call a local IT company.  Most will offer a complimentary network evaluation and can help you design a custom network implementation strategy.

Person typing on computerDIY Or Hire The Pros?

The final question to ask yourself is whether to tackle your network implementation yourself or bring in professionals.  There are advantages to both – by doing it yourself, if you are confident of what you are doing, may save on some extra costs.  By hiring the pros, you’ll never have to worry about your network because it will be in the hands of the pros.  

After you’ve decided on what you want and need for your network, now only you can make the decision on whether to go the DIY path or to hire the pro’s .

We hope this helps get you off to a great start with your network!

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