Virtualization: The “Green” Technology

Looking to add green to the planet AND to your profits?  Then go green with virtualization!

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the creation of a simulated copy of a server, operating system, storage device, or other network resources. Although a commonly used term today, virtualization is not actually a new technology term.

The goal of virtualization is to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and overall hardware and resource utilization. With virtualization, several operating systems can be run simultaneously on a single CPU. This parallelism tends to reduce overhead costs and differs from multitasking, which involves running several programs on the same operating system.

Kincaid Network Solutions partners with VMware, an industry expert in virtualization.

“Most servers and desktops today are still consuming 70-80 percent of their rated power even when idle,” said Stephen Herrod, chief technology officer, VMware. “VMware is able to deliver substantial power and cost savings through innovative power management capabilities in our virtualization solutions that safely power down or throttle servers when not in use.

By powering down servers and desktops during inactive periods such as evenings or weekends, we can help customers save another 25 percent or more on power consumption without affecting applications or users.”

What are the Benefits For Your Business AND the Planet?

  • Fewer hardware components are used, there is less cooling of components because fewer servers are running, therefore less energy is used. This will also give you a higher ROI on your capital investments.
  • Your system administration work is then reduced.  Your staff’s time, productivity and efficiency can then be better utilized and administrators will be able to plan more strategically.  
  • You become directly involved in the reduction of power plants needed, helping to reduce energy and your carbon footprint. You can expect to save 80-90% on energy costs.

With these benefits you will not only make your business more profitable but also gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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