What is an MSP? Part 2: The Benefits of an MSP for Your Business and What an MSP Includes

Macro Computer Circuit Board #3If disaster strikes, will you be a survivor or a statistic?

What Are the Benefits of an MSP for Your Business?

Is your business looking for ways to improve profits, growth, and increase efficiency, while reducing waste, risk and liability?  Then here are some benefits you will enjoy:

  • solutions that take the hassles out of managing and maintaining your critical IT systems
  • keeping your IT network reliable and running at peak performance
  • saving you money by keeping your business productive and running at full speed
  • give you peace of mind knowing that your network is secure and protected
  • help you, either on specific projects, or be your entire IT department
  • customize a support plan that is tailored to your environment, and meets your specific technology management and support needs

Those are some of the benefits you will enjoy.  So the solution is to be proactive, not reactive.

What Does the MSP Include?

Basically the MSP includes day to day operations of your network and your IT project management plan.  Now for 6 specifics:

1.) IT Strategy and Planning

There are a lot of technologies out there and a lot of ways to make your business run more smoothly and at a lower cost. MSP’s can help you build a strategy that puts these technologies to work for you. We provide strategic planning and IT consulting services to help with emerging technologies.

Remember when you had an IT support question or issue, or your network was down and you had to worry about getting someone on the phone, receiving accurate answers, or the amount that it will cost?

Those days are over with an MSP. Your systems are constantly maintained, monitored, updated, and backed up so your network is RELIABLE! No more waiting, wondering or paying for down time. You get one fixed price for your own IT staff.  Would this help with budgeting your monthly expenses?

Did you know downtime can cost a company upwards of $2,000 an hour? Every business has to control IT costs and stay off the spending roller coaster. Prevention is the best medicine. With the MSP, each and every day your IT network is receiving maintenance of your servers, workstations and mobile computers. We monitor your network for spyware, virus activity, and failed backups and keep your systems patched and updated.

Your backups probably get used more than you think. Users mistakenly delete files or e-mails and it’s convenient to go to last night’s backup to restore them. You may even take a hard drive or a tape offsite once a week. But what happens when the backup itself is destroyed, or there’s nothing to restore it back to? 

With data rapidly becoming the most important asset your business has, you need to be able to recover your critical information under any circumstance so your business can be a survivor.

2.) Server and Desktop Management

We proactively update, back up, and manage all your computers and servers remotely. Every aspect of your network is monitored and issues can be spotted and fixed before they can cause any type of problem. You can rest assured knowing your vital data and IT systems are being monitored and protected 24/7 from our dedicated remote support center. 

Let us help you to reduce server operational expenses, increase server availability, improve data protection, and enhance flexibility by implementing an IT disaster recovery plan.

You will maximize your servers’ return on investment, and can then focus on the priorities of your business.

3.) Firewall Management

Firewalls are a key component of a secure network and must be managed properly to ensure they protect your critical information assets.

Since Firewalls are configured to allow “good” traffic in but keep “bad” traffic out, they need to be updated continuously to support constantly changing business requirements.

Firewall management can be resource-intensive and can require a high skill level. Because of the effort and complexity involved, a majority of firewall breaches are caused by improper configuration. We review your current firewall configuration to ensure your business is properly protected.

4.) Help Desk

Have an urgent problem? You can actually speak to us if you have a problem! We can fix most problems remotely, so that you are back up and running without having to wait for a technician to come to your office.

5.) Onsite Support and Emergency Response

We provide regularly scheduled visits to perform routine service and optimization of IT infrastructure. We also provide emergency visits for unforeseen failures, troubleshooting and repairs.

6.) Business Continuity

To ensure that critical business functions will be available to an organization, business continuity planning is a vital process that must be carried out daily to maintain consistency and recoverability at the time of any natural or human disaster. Having a solid business continuity plan will allow your business to restore and recover.

The time your company will invest in building your business continuity plan, will provide insights on improving your workflow. Typical improvements come from better records retention policies and the elimination of redundant activities. It will also increase client confidence.

Your clients will feel better about their relationship with your firm knowing that you are prepared to deal with a serious business interruption.

Those are 6 items the MSP includes that provide you with small business network solutions that you need…

(To be continued in “What is an MSP?” part 3)

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