What is an MSP? Part 3: Summary

Computer Lib 2nd edition fist diskette logo TRACED in high resolution!If disaster strikes, will you be a survivor or a statistic? We’ve covered the points of what an MSP is, what benefits having one can provide for your business and what an MSP entails. So what is left to learn?

In Summary

A managed service provider will not only help to simplify the administration of your business, leaving you to concentrate on generating revenue and looking after your customers, it can also help provide redundancy and fail-safes for your company that may be extremely costly and time-consuming to implement yourself.  

As your business grows, so do the requirements to maintain computer systems that support your business processes.

The main reason most companies are unable to recover from a disaster is that the only version of accounting, billing, and customer records are maintained on the business premises. A reputable IT services company will immediately establish a schedule and implement a server disaster recovery plan to back up all electronic information on the computers and will recommend a document management plan to move all paper records into document imaging software.

All backups are maintained off-site in a completely different region so that a natural disaster cannot destroy both the business site and the backups.

Following a catastrophic event, the MSP will begin to execute the pre-developed disaster recovery plan. All the efforts to develop the plan will save your business from certain extinction. Hopefully your business will never need the plan, but if a tornado, fire, hurricane, or flood destroys your physical business site, the equipment will be replaced and the information will be restored to its original state within days of the event.

The business can then recover relatively quickly.

So please remember, with data rapidly becoming the most important asset your business has, you need to be able to recover your critical information under any circumstance so your business can survive.

Once again, will you be a survivor or a statistic?  Unless you are completely sure your business would survive a catastrophe, please come speak to us and get a network evaluation and get on your survivor island.

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