What is an MSP? Part 1: Be on Your Survivor Island with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

You have insurance for so many purposes, many of which are required by law. We are required to have auto insurance and homeowners insurance. We know the risks we face if we don’t have business insurance, liability insurance, or life insurance. 

What if you are in a flood zone and don’t have flood insurance? And what about the risk of being completely wiped out financially if you don’t have health insurance?  

Have you ever thought of the peace of mind you would have if you put an MSP into place? An MSP is essentially a profit enhancer and an insurance package, all in one!  Unless you have an MSP, your computer networking infrastructure may be at risk.

Did You Know…

  • 87% of companies that lose access to their corporate data for more than 7 days go out of business within a year?
  • 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within 1 year? …….70% fail within 5 years?
  • 80% of companies that suffer a major disaster and don’t have any form of contingency planning go into liquidation within 18 months?
  • When disaster strikes 5 businesses, only 1 of those businesses will ever recover? 

Can you say “YES” to this question?…. If a fire or natural disaster affected or destroyed your business, would your business survive and continue to function within an acceptable period of time?

If you cannot answer with a definite YES, an MSP may restore your peace of mind, since they can offer: equipment and software management, off-site backup schedules, and a full disaster recovery plan.  

If disaster strikes, will you be a survivor or a statistic?  

I’ll cover the 3 most commonly asked questions we hear:

  1. What is a managed service provider?
  2. What are the benefits of an MSP for your business?
  3. What does the MSP include?

What is a managed service provider?

An MSP manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to their clients either proactively or as they determine that the services are needed.

Like law firms charge a retainer upfront, most MSPs bill an upfront setup and an ongoing flat or fixed monthly fee, which benefits you by providing you with predictable IT support costs.

MSP’s serve as a “neutral” party that offers you a complete workforce solution while ensuring efficient operation and leveraging multiple technology skill sets to obtain competitive rates.

MSP’s provide delivery and management of network-based services, applications, and equipment.
The market for managed services is forecast to grow about 20 percent annually, according to The Yankee Group, due largely to the need for businesses to be able to budget their expenses more accurately, and allowing them to be more flexible and timely in getting to market and communicate with customers.

So that is what an MSP is……

(To be continued in “What is an MSP?” part 2)

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