Importance of Having a Business Continuity Plan

Being prepared for an emergency is the number one reason to have a business continuity plan. Disasters are inevitable and mostly unpredictable. And your business needs to be protected. Having a business continuity plan will ensure that when a disaster hits, your business can continue functioning—and without fail.

For a business, a disaster can mean a disruption of all or part of business operations. From a tiny hardware or software malfunction to universally recognized events such as earthquakes or floods. The effects of such disasters can range from small interruptions to a total business shutdown. How quickly a business recovers from an emergency depends on the planning done before the event takes place. So don’t wait!


In addition to natural disasters and hardware malfunctions, business should also be aware of cyber-terrorists and hackers. Hackers can seriously undermine a business’s entire operation. Businesses should perform a risk analysis of potential threats, including security testing, vulnerability assessment and penetration of the network infrastructure. After all, statistics show that more than 40 percent of companies that do not have a business continuity plan go out of business after a major disaster.

Creating a Plan

The process of creating a business continuity plan begins by identifying potential threats or risks, analyzing their likelihood and severity, and then ranking them in terms of their business priority. This plan must also include initiatives for IT, data and communications as well as important personnel and offsite safety locations. Keep in mind, there is no “one size fits all” template for a business continuity plan. Every business is unique and requires a plan of its own.

Emergency Support Services

Many businesses today have become increasingly reliant on technology to function. Therefore, having a business continuity plan is more critical than ever. If a company were to close down its entire network, employees would still need to access to their data and applications quickly and securely. For that reason, a business must have emergency support services, round the clock, in order to maintain the critical systems and processes.

Kincaid Network Solutions can prepare you for potential disasters by arming your company with a business continuity plan in order to increase your ability to recover. Our technical support services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year. No matter your interruption, our team of experienced IT professionals can provide you with a piece of mind. Contact us today!

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