How Virtualization is Good For Small Business

Virtualization means partitioning one physical server into several virtual servers or machines. Virtualization allows for significantly more efficient usage of physical server resources. For a small business, this allows you to save time and money, with less hardware to manage and maintain, and these savings scale up in larger environments as well. Disaster recovery is also much simpler in a virtualized environment.

Lower IT costs

Energy costs and maintenance concerns are two big considerations for small businesses. Virtualization makes sense because it allows you to improve performance and reliability while reducing IT costs. Virtualization reduces the number of physical servers, which generally lessens the energy required to power and cool your infrastructure.

Less maintenance time

With fewer physical servers, you can spend less time on server maintenance. More importantly, you can preform tasks such as backup, archiving and recovery more easily, which frees up a significant amount of maintenance time. It’s also much faster to deploy a virtual machine than it is a new physical server.

Improved performance

Virtualization can simplify IT operations and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently. In regards to performance, virtualization is a huge asset to any small company as it allows for efficient usage of resources by allocating CPU, memory, and storage where it is needed most.

Solid disaster recovery plan

Virtualization allows for a business to more easily create a disaster recovery plan. Some of the leading backup software designed for virtual environments is comprehensive and extremely efficient, and restoration in the case of a disaster is quick and simple. If a piece of hardware were to fail, any replacement server with enough resources may be used to quickly restore critical systems. As a small business owner, you won’t have to worry about being out of commission for days.

Keep in mind, virtualization won’t resolve all of your small business woes, and it can introduce some new challenges. However, in most cases, the advantages of virtualization particularly the price and efficiency make it the optimal choice for businesses.

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